With AdWords, you can easily display short ads to web users. Ads appear in Google searches and on Google Partner Sites when your key words match the search terms input by your potential customers.

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of our own current AdWords campaign and showing you what you need to consider when setting up your own campaign. You’ll come away with some value-adding practical advice that will help you set up a winning campaign that converts into sales.


Google Adwords allows you to target the visibility of your ad by either distance to your store or by geographical area, such as region, country, or city, making it easy for your ads to appear in front of the right people. All you have to do is choose the setting that matches the structure of your business.


This is the best option if you have a physical store or a designated area that allows customers to visit you in person. When you choose the ‘by distance’ option, your business will appear in search results when potential customers are within a certain kilometer range of your store. Genius!

By City,
or Country.

If you have an online store, or you simply deliver services to a world-wide audience, then the ‘by city, region, or country setting’ is for you. If you have a physical store and an online store, you can create two AdWords campaigns: one targeting locals in your area and another targeting those who search for the keywords that relate to your services and products. Easy!

With the ability to select multiple countries, your potential audience should start in the 1M+ range, meaning good initial exposure for your business and a good way to test out whether AdWords will work for you.

Choose what matches your business structure: by distance or by a specific city, region, or country. If you have an online and offline presence, simply run two campaigns side-by-side!

At The
Right Time.

If you’re only contactable during standard business hours, or you have standard opening hours, it is wise to display your ads during the time your business is open.  Again, genius! On the other hand, if your business operates world-wide across different time-zones (like ours!), then it is best to leave it set to the default setting ‘all day’.

If you choose to display your advertising by proximity to your location, it makes sense to choose to align those ads to your opening hours.


By Device.

AdWords shows you the devices and sources that click through to your webpage the most. In our case, most of our traffic is via mobile devices, meaning it is essential for us to ensure our mobile version is functioning optimally. Our traffic comes predominantly from Google Partner Sites, search sites that partner with Google to show ads.

1 second
27% increase
in conversion.

Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in their conversion rate. It’s vital to ensure your mode of delivery best suits the needs of your potential clients. This is why we are not fans of a one-size-fits-all landing page, especially if that landing page contains what appears to be the current trend, a heavy-loading video.

Did you know you can create a different ‘weight’ landing page specifically for mobile users, meaning customers don’t have endure your page spluttering to life as their phone’s data struggles to load it? If you want to know more about this, talk to us today.


New Tools
For Productivity.

Google is due to release a new AdWords experience at the end of 2017, making this an exciting year for advertisers. This is the first significant change AdWords has made to it data visualization in the last 15 years.

The new tools and features include a new overview page, which automatically suggests insights, enabling you to take action quickly when something changes. There is also a new campaign creation tool, which allows advertisers to create better campaigns based around marketing goals.

In addition, the new version analyzes your landing page to ensure your website is functioning optimally. If it isn’t, you have information that will enable you to design a better customer experience, and convert more sales.


There are three basic elements to consider using when setting up your AdWords campaign: a call to action, discounts and offers, and a highlight of your unique products and services.


A call-to-action utilizes an active word that tells your customers what they can do on your website right now. Selling something? Tell them what they can buy! Ensure you use strong converting words such as order, purchase, get a quote, call today, call now, order, or sign up. If you are choosing this method, ensure that the link you load takes them straight to the area where they can complete the action you’ve just mentioned.

Discounts and offers

Discounts and offers does just that, it offers a limited-time, exclusive, promotion or special offer on a product or service. Give your potential customers something that tempts them to make the decision, such as a percentage discount off the regular price. Discounts attract the eye and encourage conversion, because who doesn’t like a deal? If you choose this method, again, make sure the link you load takes them straight to the area where they can order the product, and make sure not to forget to load the discount code.

Highlight Your Product or Service

An AdWords with a product or service highlight displays an aspect of your business, product, or offer that is unique or tempting. What do you do better than your competitors that could entice customers your way? Do you offer free shipping when nobody else does? Do you offer a volume discount for purchases in large quantities? Do you offer the widest selection or the newest products? Link direct to the product you’re promoting and don’t forget to update it as your products change.

Use Them

The maximum number of characters, not words but letters, is 140. It’s essential to choose the right phrases and keywords. The 140 characters are spread over certain lines, a preset format that you can’t change, meaning you are restricted even further in the way you write your ad.

AdWords Layout

Headline One – 30 characters
Headline Two – 30 characters
Description  – 80 characters
Linking Address – To the page relevant to the action you want your potential customers to take

The Scenes.

In our current AdWords campaign below, you can easily see how the characters are spread across each row of advertising on the left and how that comes together in the basic ad template on the right.

It’s important to play around with words and combinations until you get your ad just right.  If you are having difficulty choosing the right combination of phrases, contact us today about creating a custom AdWords campaign.


Ensure you link is relevant to the action you request your customers to take.


Headlines, Keywords, Call to Action: Quotations

Headline 1: Need Quality Business Content?

In our first headline, we’ve chosen to address our customers’ needs. They need ‘quality’ content, which is so hard to find these days (we know, we’ve looked!) This is also a signal to those looking for the cheapest content providers to look elsewhere; a great time-saver for us! We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in that we only produce quality, so it makes sense to highlight that early.

Headline 2: Hire a Professional Writer.

In our second headline, we’ve provided the solution. ‘Professional Writer’ is our number one search term, so it is essential to include that in either headline 1 or headline 2.

Description: Outsourced communication lets you get on with business.

We’ve explained how we can assist our potential customers even further in the description. We know communication can be a major source of stress, so we’ve chosen to convey that in a positive way, that they can ‘get on with business’. How can you convey the solution to your customers’ problems in a positive way?

Call-to-action: Request a quote today!

As you can see, our goal is for customers to take action and request a quotation – that’s why both our description and our web page have the common element – ‘quote’!

Search + Partners.

Once you’ve chosen the text and link that best suits your business, AdWords allows you to preview your ad across all devices, meaning you can make amends in advance.

Desktop and mobile previews let you see how your ad appears across Search and Partner Sites.

Is It

Every AdWords campaign is a combination of variables: text that converts, a link that encourages conversion, a landing page that works, budgets, location choices, and keywords. Your results will only be as good as your setup. The only way you can determine whether AdWords is a good fit for your business is to track it through Google Analytics.

Track PPC
Campaigns With
Google Analytics.

As we discussed in last week’s post, GOOGLE ANALYTICS + MARKETING BASICS: BEFORE YOU START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS, you’re able to track all traffic that comes from AdWords alone, meaning you’re able to compare it with other sources of traffic, and determine its dollar worth to your business.

No Surprises.

AdWords starts at a minimum budget of around $40 USD per month, meaning your AdWords will run with a daily spend allowance, and you won’t receive any nasty surprises come bill time. Set the budget according to what you can afford as a test run, see how it converts, and extend your budget if it it a high ROI stream of traffic.

And Your

What keywords are most relevant to your business and which marketing tip (call to action, promotions + exclusives, products + services) best fits your AdWords campaign? Which page of your website would be the best fit for your ad’s landing page? How will you choose to use your 140 characters? If you are having difficulty, contact us today about creating a custom AdWords campaign.

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