Respond To Change
By Improving Your Strategy.

It is a risk to advertise solely on ANY platform, and the current case of Facebook altering its algorithm and hence your audience reach, is a prime example. If you currently promote your products on Facebook, then 2018 is the time for you to make some strategic advances in the way you approach the marketing side of your business.

In response to the changes, we’ve rounded up a list of tried-and-tested marketing methods that are proven to increase reach and conversion. Quality counts with every method, so ensure you’re going into the marketing battle with your best content possible. Here are five solid options for marketing your business in 2018.

  1. SEO is still the most effective method in terms of audience reach.

    According to Search Engine Watch, the number one listing in a Google search receives 33% of the traffic. That is a massive number! Of course, it is not easy to be ranked first in a Google search, which is where a professional writer can step in and assist. We can’t promise to clinch the number one spot, but we can ensure your copy ticks all the right boxes when Google is evaluating your offering.

  2. Google Advertising is still a great tool if used strategically.

    With Google AdWords, you can target your advertising by country if you sell to one geographical area or by proximity to a certain specific location, such as your office. This means your business will pop up as soon as someone (who has googled your keywords) enters a predetermined km range of your premises. It’s a good option if you attract a lot of people from outside your area and you offer something unique.

    Simply advertising by country is a good option for those who already know their dominant market or those who know which market they wish to enter. It is mandatory if your target customer base doesn’t use social media. It’s worth noting that business-people, especially those from large companies, are much more likely to Google your offerings, making it essential you appear in their search results.

  3. We’ve observed Direct Email Campaigns picking up steam since Facebook made its changes.

    These kinds of campaigns are known as being high converters, but again, only if you use them well. The effectiveness of an email campaign depends on several factors, most notably the landing page your link directs them to and how it engages your audience. Direct Email Campaigns demand succinct step-by-step management, but if you do it well, it could be the best marketing tool you’ve created.

  4. Direct Physical Campaigns are as valuable as you make them.

    If you offer a product or service that is purely local, then a Direct Physical Campaign is a great match as long as your proposition exceeds the approach and value of your competitors. It works for international providers, too.

    A brilliant example of this recently was a Direct Campaign from Harvard Business Review where I received a special 2-month edition of their magazine free of charge. As a tempter to subscribe, it hit all the right targets as it was a great showcase of the value I will receive should I subscribe.

    If you don’t have a subscription model or a product you can reasonably offer in this manner, then this system might not be for you, but definitely consider it if you could reasonably provide a sample – which potential customers love!

  5. PR releases are a great way to get your business and offerings published in the media and a great way to drive new customers towards your business.

    But it all depends on whether you have a newsworthy story to promote. Have a think of the human impact of your product or service to find the angle you can use to tempt reporters and editors to showcase your business! Typically coming in at 500 words, a PR release is a great investment as long as you plan and execute it strategically. Talk to us today if you’d like to discuss press releases in your area.

If you decide to continue marketing with Facebook, then you need to ensure you do the following three things:

  • Ensure each social media post is communicating value.

    Are you producing quality copy, visuals, and follow up links that tempt potential clients to purchase your products or services? Is your value proposition clear? How can you make it clearer?

  • Respect your audience by reducing your frequency.

    Have you noticed that Facebook is currently showing posts from one business in a straight line instead of mixing them in with other brands? From your customers’ perspective, if you post five times a day, they could realistically see all those posts at once. If you reduce your frequency to your best posts, you’ll communicate not only your value but also how much you respect your followers’ time.

  • Remember that the goal of social media is to be social.

    Engage your followers socially by linking your product, service, or experience with something meaningful. Instead of just pushing products or services out, what about asking followers to comment on your products with a question or having them engage with your products in a unique way?

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