We offer one-off phone and in-person consultations. Consultations can cover communications issues, content ideas, coaching, and communications planning. To find out more about one-off consultations, click here.


For those based in the Seoul Capital Area, we offer on-site packages that range from anywhere between a week and a month. During this time, we focus solely on an area you seek to see improvement.

On-site services packages start at a duration of one month. During this time, your company will undergo a full communications audit, you’ll have a new writing style guide created, your communications plan and strategy will be evaluated and updated, you’ll have your website and standard communications polished, your executive team will receive 5 days training, and your employees will receive group training on how to consistently communicate in line with your business goals.

One month is all it takes for your business to upgrade its communications skills. To talk about how a communications consultant can shake up your business, contact us today.

– Price on Application –


We provide bespoke communications management to any business anywhere in the world. You simply choose the number of hours you feel you require, then we step in and manage your communications.

This arrangement is comprehensive, meaning we will manage your website’s back end live, your social media platforms live, as well as updating and polishing your web copy, product descriptions, your communications plan, and creating original content. Unlike packages or one-off pieces, this is not on a ‘per word’ basis. Rather, payment is via either a full-time, a part-time, or a less than part-time retainer. We could jump in and manage your business 2 hours a day, spread over mornings and evenings or we could manage your business full-time during your operating hours – the choice is yours.

To discuss your needs, contact us today.

– Price on Application –