We’re Hiring!

The Best.

Are you a bold business communicator? We’re looking for 4 writers to create brief yet punchy 600 word articles for our website (on a monthly basis). If we like your style, we’ll offer you direct work with our clients at a later date.


There are no essential qualifications. We prefer people with skill, experience, passion, and a dedication to improvement. You must be able to write clear business communications and original value-adding content. You must be flexible with your communications style; we often jump into an existing business’s content and take over where they left off. It’s essential that we retain their ‘voice’. In addition, you must be able to manage your time well, deliver work according to deadlines, and have an interest in keeping up with what’s new in your areas of specialty.


Strategic Business Communications

Communications For Not-For-Profit and Charities

Advertising Campaigns and Communications

Emerging Communication Trends

Online Experiences

Inclusive Communication: Language, Strategies, and Companies Leading The Way

Communications Psychology: Neuromarketing

Small Businesses, Startups, and Entrepreneurs

Marketing Analytics

Essentials of Copywriting

Visual Communication: Design, Layout, Imagery

Public Relations: Successes and Failures

Ethical Marketing: Children’s Products and Services

Digital Marketing for The Discerning Older Generation

Communication News and Research


An opportunity for you to build your base, or extend your base, as a specialist in an area of knowledge. A monthly space for you to publish paid 600 word article relevant to your expertise. An online profile with links to all of your work. Ongoing mentoring to develop your skills and extend your opportunities as a writer plus support to enable you to enter other online (or print) publications. If we love what you produce, we will offer you direct work with our clients as we grow our customer base.


Choose your primary and secondary areas of specialty, and tell us why your skills, experiences, and passion make you the best fit for the job. That’s right, instead of a traditional resume and CV, we want a few short paragraphs that display your writing skills in action.

We don’t care where you live, your age, your orientation, the color of your skin, or what planet you’re from, but we do care about a couple of things: US English and the use of the Oxford comma.

If you make the first cut, you’ll complete a paid trial on a topic within your primary or secondary specialty. If we love what you produce, we’ll run it on our website and send you ongoing monthly assignments.

Applications Close: June 30th, 2017