We provide targeted practice-based 1:1 training in the following essential professional skills areas. We provide in-person consulting to businesses and individuals residing in the Seoul Capital Area. International bookings are subject to availability.

We provide individual or group training that will assist you or your employees to deliver effective, confident, clear, jargon-free business presentations. According to Harvard Business Review, presentation skills are required to thrive in the C-Suite. If that’s your career goal, why not prepare yourself for it?

Research suggests only 10% of people enjoy public speaking. Confident public speaking is all about practice and mindset; we walk your employee through a series of steps ensuring they can deliver a speech that puts your company in the best possible light.

Negotiation isn’t restricted to the sales room; In fact, we negotiate daily in a variety of situations. We provide group training that equips your team with strong, confident, professional negotiation skills that will enable them to stand their ground whether inside or outside the office.

We provide individual or group training that equips your staff with persuasive writing skills. This can address any need in your organization. From emails, to professional letters, to technical documents, to proposals and social media – we’re able to train your employees to create communications that provide consistency and minimize complaints.

Does your company rely on your employees having exceptional listening skills? We provide group classes that provide practical opportunities for your employees to develop their active listening skills. They’ll come away much more aware of the impact their ability to listen has on the customers’ experience – and they’ll put those skills to use!

Front-line customer service is one of the most demanding jobs! We’ll train your customer service team to deliver an exceptional level of service, to deal with difficult customers with professional ease, and to minimize the stress that accompanies a public-facing role. Front-line staff often feel overwhelmed, show them how much they are valued by giving them a skill-set that lets them do their job more effectively.

We provide training that addresses the more technical, research-based, academic aspects of communication. Awareness of the fundamentals allows you to reflect on how you communicate. One key theme is the issue of transference, which affects a wide range of professions. Transference is a communications psychology term, in which a person unconsciously associates one person with the emotions and feelings generated by another.

Let’s look at an example; imagine meeting a client that reminds you of a person who bullied you in school. You probably have an instantaneous yet unconscious negative assessment of this person. This reaction is normal, but it won’t help you in business. With an awareness of your own transference, of who ‘pushes your buttons’, you can control how you react to different people. Communication will flow smoothly and you’ll experience better professional outcomes.

There’s a common belief in business that emotional intelligence is primarily the ability to establish rapport, display empathy, be approachable, and be a good listener. However, there are 12 elements of emotional intelligence. In either individual sessions or group classes, we’ll evaluate where you are, set a goal for where you want to be, and then work on each skill you wish to master in a step-by-step process.

According to the BBC, native English speakers are the world’s worst communicators. If your business deals across borders, it is essential to have your team members trained to communicate with those who use English as a second language.

If your employees regularly deal with difficult people or challenging personalities, then it is worthwhile having them trained to resolve conflict effectively. This also applies to internal conflicts; having a management team that can effectively manage staff members ‘deemed difficult’ is a great skill. Genuine communicators uncover the real reason for the difficulty, which could be a real motivator to improve (if you’re willing to view the situation objectively!)

Good business communications are clear, concise, and 100% buzzword and jargon-free. In group or 1:1 classes, we teach your employees to communicate with clarity. This session includes a bespoke style guide to set the standard your employees should follow. The class is practical, fun, and will have your team producing quality communications in no time.

We provide 1:1 executive training for those who manage the performance of a team. This covers your ability to manage effectively, the fundamentals of adult learning, and your reflection on your own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll cover topics such as 360 Degree Feedback, boundary-setting, objective-setting, evaluation, and effective feedback delivery. You’ll be evaluated against the 12 elements of emotional intelligence, and this will be used to tailor a program to your specific needs.

We don’t provide ‘hard-skills’ training as such, but we can provide a needs analysis, a structured plan, and ongoing coaching that assists your employees in obtaining all the skills they need to function optimally in their role. Based on the evaluation, we will either offer in-house solutions or outsource to a company that provides industry-leading services.