Looking for a writer that delivers great copy? Want to stand out in today’s content-driven world? I specialize in providing individuals and businesses with content and communications. What can I do for you today? 

 For Businesses

Per Piece

– Price on Application – 

Have a one-time project? Whether you’re looking for an article that really engages your readers, an in-depth interview, a ghostwritten piece, a blog, a product description, a technical document, a winning cover letter and resume, a promotional ebook, copy that sells, or a short piece that simply explains who you are and what you do, drop me a line and let’s get started. The price depends on the length and technicality of the work; let me know your needs and I’ll get back to you with a definitive quote!

Package Deals

The Business Starter Pack is perfect for any new business.
Just The Basics covers your essential communications needs.
The Premium Package provides a higher quantity of communications.
The Ultimate Package lets you sit back while I take over your communications.

No timeframes

Choose the package that meets your communication needs, then spread the content over the number of weeks or months you require! You could choose Just The Basics and spread it over a month, or if your budget doesn’t allow for that, why not spread it over 2 or 3 months? All packages are offered with flexible time-frames and flexible payments, making the cost of communications more affordable for your business than ever before!

Value for money

Hiring a communications manager on a per-project or package basis means you get absolute value for money without the cost of retaining staff. You get only what your business needs – leaving you with a better bottom line at the end of the financial year!

The Business Starter Pack, Just The BasicsThe Premium Package and The Ultimate Package are all competitively-priced, meaning they are cheaper than industry standard, or what you would pay should you request a one-off job. They were created to offer you an innovative communications solution that not only rewards you for repeat custom, but also to provide a sense of cohesiveness to your overall message.

Simple or Complex?

The following packages are designed for straightforward communications. If your industry is classed as technical or complex, requiring research on my part, the figure will change. For more information about pricing for complex industries, please get in touch!

Business Starter Pack

$350 USD

Have a new business that you want to sparkle and shine but you’re not quite sure how to go about communicating your mission? Want to rebrand an existing business? The Business Starter Pack is for you!

3,500 word package includes:
Web Copy
4 x 250 word posts
2 x 600 word long form posts
1 x 500 word email sign up welcome/promotional PDF document

Optional Add-On
Custom Branding
Promotional Animation
Custom Webpage
– Price on Application-

Just The Basics

$760 USD
(after 5% discount)

Have an established business but want someone to step in with not only a comprehensive short-term communication plan but provide content too? Just The Basics is for you!

8,000 word package includes:
A comprehensive communication plan 
8 x 250 word posts 
8 x 600 word longer form posts
1 x 800 word email sign up welcome/promotional PDF document

Optional Add-On
Promotional Animation
 – Price on Application-

The Premium Package

$1800 USD
(after 10% discount)

Do you have an established business already pumping out engaging content but want to take it to the next level? The Premium Package is for you!

20,050 word package includes:
A comprehensive communication plan
20 x 250 word posts 
20 x 600 word long form posts 
1 x 1500 word PDF promotional document
(suitable as a sign up freebie or an email document) 
1 x 1000 word follow-up PDF promotional document
1 x Promotional Video

The Ultimate Package

– Price on Application – 

Have an established business but tired of managing your communications? Let me take over the reins as your very own communications manager. This is an ongoing arrangement tailored to your needs. ‘Price on application’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most expensive package. It is designed to meet your business needs as well as your budget, meaning you can make it as affordable, or as luxurious, as you require!

Package Includes:
A comprehensive yearly strategic communication plan
Daily 250 word posts
Twice or thrice weekly 600-800 word long form posts
A monthly 1000-1500 word promotional document
Promotional Videos
…and anything else you desire!

If you are curious about The Ultimate Package, tell me exactly how many pieces of communication you need, how long they need to be, at what frequency, and how much time you think will need to be invested into your business per week, and I’ll get back to you with a price that’ll make you wonder why you ever managed your communications yourself!

For Individuals

Per Piece

– Price on Application – 

Do you have a one-off requirement? Simply tell me what you need and I will be in touch with an obligation-free quote. It’s as easy as that!

Package Deals

Professional Cover Letters and Resumes

The Whole Package

$60 USD

Found an amazing opportunity that requires an equally amazing cover letter and resume? You provide me with the job advert and your current updated resume – I provide you with an interview-winning set of documents to help you put your best foot forward! After a single cover letter, a resume, or even a statement of purpose? Check out the packages I offer on Fiverr.

Package Includes:
A cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and skills
A modern resume that communicates your value
A professional description to use on your personal website
LinkedIn Profile

Optional Add-On

Premium Design – Price on Application –



Upwork is my preferred method of contracts and payment. Upwork holds your payment ‘in escrow’, meaning that your payment is held until you are satisfied with the quality of my work, giving both of us peace of mind. To find me on Upwork, simply sign up and click this link.


For one-off jobs, I am happy to accept payments via direct bank transfer or PayPal on the condition that 50% of the total quoted price is payable at the commencement of the contract and the remaining 50% is payable upon delivery of the finished product.


If you decide to spread Business Starter Pack, Just The Basics, The Premium Package, or The Ultimate Package over multiple months, then the total cost is divided by the number of months covered. The first payment is due on the 1st day of the first service month and all subsequent months are due at the end of each calendar month.

As an example, if you decide to spread The Premium Package over 3 months, starting on January 1st, the payments schedule will be as follows:  600 USD due on January 1st, 600 USD due on February 28th, and 600 due on March 31st. If you decide to extend The Premium Package then payments will continuously fall due at the end of the calendar month.

All work is quoted in USD on a per-piece basis, meaning you know the full cost of the work upfront. The price varies depending on the length and complexity of the piece.